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Grunge Days

Kenny Pisani

Grunge Days
Previously Published Book

Ryan, Dave and Andrew are three disaffected teenagers from a middle class suburb of western Sydney. They find themselves surrounded by a society that expects them to grow up, work nine to five jobs, and lead a normal and mundane existence, when all they want to do is play music in their garage band.
After winning a radio competition, their dreams become reality and the band is flown to the US, soon striking up a contract with an American record company. The band’s success overseas tests their friendships and also their characters, as each of them deals differently with stardom, addictions, depression and the reality that fame and fortune isn’t forever.
The story is set during the early 1990’s, in the greatest musical revolution of recent times, when the likes of Nirvana and Pearl Jam dominated the alternative music scene. The leader of Generation X, Kurt Cobain died in April ’94 and shortly after, Grunge suffered the same fate.
This is a tale of sex, drugs and rock n’ roll and more importantly a story about the friendship of three boys, who without each other might never had amounted to anything, but with each other’s support took on the world and lived out a dream. These were the Grunge Days…