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Hearts of Stone

Roger Crook

Hearts of Stone
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Hearts of Stone is a love story that starts before WWII. It is also a story about terrorism and religious fanaticism. Not Moslems in the twenty first century but the Christian Irish in the twentieth century. Whether Terrorist or Freedom Fighter, the ‘cause’, is as old as Ireland itself.
Brendan McGonigal exiled from Ireland as a student for his political views becomes a wealthy cattle dealer in North Wales and falls in love with Phyllis a medical student and daughter of a Welsh hill farmer. Their love further binds the ancient culture of two great Celtic nations.
Thirty years on David McGonigal, the only son of Phyllis and Brendan, serves with the SAS in Northern Ireland and later with a Home Office Counter Terrorism Unit. He leaves the army and tries to forget his former life—then one placid Saturday night in Wales, hooligans threaten the landlord of his local pub. David goes to his aid and finds that there is another sinister and dangerous agenda. The pace is frantic to stop the killing, this time in the name of God, from starting all over again.