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Homeland Lost

Ale Liubinas

Homeland Lost
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As Russian tanks roared past Ale’s parents’ farm in Lithuania, her happy childhood turned into a nightmare.
After the fear, destruction and displacement of the Second World War, Ale and her family emigrate to Australia. Here, after many incidents both humourous and confronting, they make a new home.
48 years later she returned from Australia to search for her lost childhood.
“ written with great feeling, perception and sincerity. A brillian insight into the lives of non-English migrants who arrived in Australia in the late 1940’s” – Rita Baltusyte, Editor of Australian Lithuanian Weekly
“ A fascinating page-turner of a book” – Kathryn Purnell, Winner of the 1998 Alice Award for Women in Literature
“ cleverly contrasts the innocent expression of a child’s experience of life with the terrible events of war”
– O. William Borrell, F.M.S.