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Hostage: How safe is Australia

Colin Mason

Hostage: How safe is Australia
Previously Published Book
Political Thriller
Fact-based Fiction

Insurgents kill the Israeli prime minister in Tel Aviv, and the repercussions signal disaster. A fanatical Israeli group retaliates by exploding three American nuclear bombs in Cairo, devastating the city. Russia and China issue an ultimatum to the West: either they agree to dissolve Israel and return its lands to Arab rule or unspecified enforcement action will be taken.

The US pours support and armed force into Israel, but the chain of consequence moves to the other side of the world as a Russian nuclear super-sub makes a secret passage southward. On board an English diplomat and an Australian woman doctor are caught up in a race with time for which the stakes could hardly be higher - the fate of an entire continent.

Authentic fact, action and compelling suspense are sustained in this novel to the final paragraph.