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Human Stock

Vaughan Whitlock

Human Stock
Previously Published Book
Science Fiction

How will cloning affect humanity?
HUMAN STOCK is a story of survival amidst world devastation, contrived evolution through evil ambition and impossible love.
Will men become obsolete? It is the year 2030. A community in Darwin has survived worldwide nuclear destruction, only to be ruthlessly dominated by women who use cloning as the preferred means of human reproduction. The women, seeking absolute power, manipulate DNA to perfect laboratory-made cloned human products devoid of love or soul. So begins the evolution of life without sex.
Benjamin continues to escape their net, but lives in fear as he tries to foil their plans. Can he stop them before they change humanity forever? Will his love for two women be exposed? How can the three of them continue to exist outside the 'system'?
Vaughan Whitlock keeps tension high as he leads the reader through the horrors of believable consequences of cloning to a surprising and powerful end.

'...thought-provoking... gives the reader a frightening insight into what could happen to the world as we know it.'
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