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I Can Sing! But Where Is My Voice

Ricci Carr

I Can Sing! But Where Is My Voice
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Educational Singers Guide

Wondering how you can get to sing that song you always wanted to without running out of breath, and sing it all in tune? Need to sing at your best friend's wedding or maybe in a school production? Perhaps you want to sing with a band, start a professional career or maybe you are a grandparent who just wants to know that every time you sing to your grandchildren you are singing those family songs in tune.
Are you tired of criticism for singing out of tune & running out of breath? You know you cannot always make those high notes sound good. Do you really want to make an impression? Well, you can.Whatever your desire may be, it is achievable. With I Can Sing But Where Is My Voice? finally there is a guide for the student who wants to know how to sing well. This guide will help you to identify what it is you need to know and gives you the tools to apply the skills required. Advice that works given time and genuine input from you, the singer.
Besides the sections on how to breathe and using breathing control for singing, what you can learn from I Can Sing But Where Is My Voice? is how to use scales to sing in tune, including interesting vocal exercises & techniques that strengthen your voice. Learn the correct microphone technique,and more. There's even a section on how to practice and use charts to get results. You can read through the students stories & FAQ's too. They were once where you are now.
I Can Sing But Where Is My Voice? has been specially crafted by Ricci Carr as a practical guide for the beginner, and for the seasoned performer who really wants to get ahead.



Book Reviews for I Can Sing! But Where Is My Voice

'Passion' and 'hard work'
Gavin Hawley, Composer/Arranger/Musician
A very well thought out and written guide
Diane Corser, Cert III in Education Support
An amazing guide on how to become a confident singer
Simona Smaidziunaite Korkus, B.A Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences