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I Struggled with Obesity and Survived: My Painful Journey

Amon Rao

I Struggled with Obesity and Survived: My Painful Journey
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I know firsthand how limiting it can be growing up and living a life with a body that is abnormally big. I have been there. Hated it. It is definitely not a time I look upon with fond memories.
A "big" boy at birth and everybody said he looked beautiful ' like a prince. But nobody could foresee a demon later would live within him, insidiously nibbling away at his mind and body. By the age of six he had gained considerable weight and at the age of seventeen he was considered obese. At school, this physicality attracted racial jokes, humiliation, ridicule, depression - and ultimately an attempted suicide. Just after he had sufficiently recovered from these 'nightmares", another punishment awaited him - a bowel disease that has no cure. Feeling embarrassed by his big body, he shut himself from family and friends and missed all the fun and happiness which other boys and people of his age were enjoying. Concomitantly, his anger towards his parents multiplied, who could only watch helplessly.
A poignant story about a young person's struggle with obesity, completed just a week before his death. Educational, engrossing, riveting, heart wrenching. An excellent book for an understanding of obesity.