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Icing The Cake

Don Ebert

Icing The Cake
Previously Published Book
British & Australian Fiction

In one afternoon Sam Scott loses his bride, his dignity and his wedding cake. He decides that losing his bride doesn’t trouble him as much as some might think it should and his dignity is not of great concern, but he does want to know why the wedding cake was the centre of attention.
In chasing the cake he gets hold of a diamond so valuable that it turns people’s minds. At first nobody knows that he has it. The real owner is not even aware of the diamond’s existence, but somebody is, somebody evil who has killed and would be willing to kill again to get it.
Sam and his girlfriend, the talented Kirsty, are in danger, but can he rely on her? Can he trust the lovely Rachel, in whom he confides? Does she have some secret of her own? More importantly, can they trust him? He has to shed some of his own fantasies before he can solve the dilemma of the diamond.
This is the story of the diamond and those who fall under its spell, carrying the gem from South Africa to Europe, to the USA and eventually to Australia, where Sam contrives to solve his dilemma.



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