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In Disgrace with Fortune

R. Casey

In Disgrace with Fortune
Previously Published Book
Australian Fiction

lan is just a dreamy, well-meaning young office clerk, but things are going horribly wrong for him.
His wife attempts suicide, and then wants no more to do with him. He accidently spots the woman he has adored for years with a lover, and she cuts him off from her dying husband, lan's best friend. His dreams of building a novel computer model are dashed, and he loses his job. He can never forgive himself for what happened to his brother Robert. And was he responsible for that man found lying dead in the yard?
But as he makes plans to end it all, fortune has another twist in store for him.
Review: The author sure knows how to write a good yarn. Nothing seems to be going right for the hapless Ian Marshall. His wife attempts suicide and then blames him for her near-death. He is kicked out of the house, then looses his job, looses his research on a new computer program he is developing and slowly falls into the clutches of alcoholism.