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Into Your Dreams

by Bradley Marshall

Into Your Dreams
Previously Published Book

Sam's dreams are somehow linked to reality. Although he cannot explain it, his dreams actually play out around him to the exact minute detail. Initially he cannot accept it; the things that are happening in his dreams are not just ordinary things, but deal with important life events such as the death of his father and stepfather. He feels like he is losing it. He turns to the police, but his only friend and confidant is his cousin, Rayland.
Steve witnesses a brutal murder when he defiantly sneaks out of his home one night for an adventure that truly backfires. The killer follows him home, planning to take this witness out. Sam somehow dreams of the murder this boy has seen and from a television newscast realises it is horrifically accurate. But in his dream, he learns that the killer follows the witness home and enters through the roof. But there is one significant difference with this particular dream: Steve's death hasn't happened yet.




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