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Is this Justice

by John Frisina

Is this Justice
Previously Published Book
Australian Fiction

“Dom Onsert, a seventy-three year old man, was sitting up in bed with his back against the wall and his eyes moistened with tears. Again it had been a long and sleepless night during which, every time he fell asleep, the crying voice of his beloved granddaughter, Lauren, would wake him with her loud cry of, 'Grandfather … Grandfather … please help me!' And in his vision he saw her scared eyes looking for him and she was angry because he wasn't there to help her.” Dom Onsert has tried to be a good man, but when his quiet life is turned upside down by a violent killer he seeks retribution. Dom challenges the law, religion and society in the face of conspiracy and evil corruption. Will he get justice for his family?
Meanwhile Mirella, a police interpreter, sees the devastating effects of violent crime and sickening abuse every day. She feels compelled to help all the innocent victims whose lives have been destroyed, but at what price?            Is This Justice? also details the truth about the formation of the Australian Mafia.





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