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Ivory to Australia

by Jim Landells

Ivory to Australia
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Born in Kenya in 1939, Jim Landells was educated at Nairobi’s Duke of York school. With school over, he served his compulsory time in the Kenya Regiment before going on to the Egerton College of Agriculture. Here he completed an Agricultural Diploma course. This was followed by terms of employment in various north Kenya cattle companies, where the association of wildlife with range cattle maintained his profound interest in natural history. In 1969 Jim migrated to Australia. While working in Australia’s Kimberley region he conceived the dream of game conservation in Australia by way of importing threatened wild animal species, particularly those from Africa, into Australia's empty north. The idea has grown, and while it has not yet been realized in real terms, the story contained in this volume could, one day, become entirely credible. Jim is fortunate to be the father of two wonderful children.





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