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T. John Ward

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The future looks bleak for the 'Artful Dodger' as he languishes in Newgate Prison awaiting transportation. Thanks, however, to the intervention of Oliver Twist and the influential Mr.Brownlow, a small miracle occurs and the 'Artful Dodger? soon finds himself on the bleak Romney Marshes, battling with the psychopath, Jacob Pierce, and partnering the charismatic Abel Garnett in a reckless venture that ends in disaster. To escape execution they are obliged to flee to France, leaving behind the lovely Lysette, the first human being that the 'Dodger? has ever loved.
Fate offers the 'Artful Dodger? and Abel Garnett the opportunity to redeem themselves as they engage in a desperate race against time to prevent a crime, that, if it succeeds, will change the course of history!?



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