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Jail 4 Beginners

Rex Donald

Jail 4 Beginners
Previously Published Book

How many times have you seen a person fall from grace and thought, ‘Wow, I never would have thought he would do that.’?
I am one of those. An ordinary bloke who became depressed with his everyday lifestyle and could find no hope for the future. ‘I feel like I am just marking time until I die.’ There was actually nothing wrong with my life, just my expectations.
I thought gambling would bring the rich reward I needed. After using all my own money, I resorted to illegal means to fund my habit. The reward it got me was six months in jail.
I was stripped naked, every orifice was probed, and that was just the first hour! I was at the beck and call of people who failed every other job application they made because they had no people skills.
You learn the rules of the ‘brown’ team and the ‘blue’ team. You’re at the mercy of a system which has absolutely no interest in you as an individual, certainly not in the reason you are there, or how you can be rehabilitated so as not to reoffend.
I spent twenty-six weeks in the company of murderers, drug dealers, users and men who have killed with their bare hands in a fit of rage.