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Jam Dreaming

Jan Gross

Jam Dreaming
Previously Published Book
Australian Fiction

From St Kilda to Naples, a tale of food and self-discovery.
When fifteen year old Eileen meets Mama Jocsdi, the owner of a specialty food shop, she realises she wants to learn more about her own culture and to find a purpose in life. This leads her on an incredible journey of self discovery as she meets a number of interesting people on her way who all leave an impact on Eileen's life.
Can Eileen prove to herself and Mama that she is capable of more responsibility?
There are colourful tales of bats in the Botanical Gardens to a down and out white footballer who redeems himself with a local Aboriginal team and the hilarious reminisces of a shearers' cook.Descriptions of food from Eastern Europe, indigenous Australians as well as confections from seventeenth century Naples show the many ways food impacts on our lives and in some situations bring the most unlikely people together.