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Justice for Constable Cook

Terry Richardson

Justice for Constable Cook
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On a lonely, gravel road, Traffic Policeman James Cook is found dead. Along with his motorcycle, Cook is horrifically mutilated and crushed, then left to the elements beside the road. Despite twelve months of intensive investigations, the brutal murder remains unsolved.
Undercover Detective Al Carmody is sent in to re-investigate, after enlisting the help of his friend, road train operator and former policeman, Ian. In true Australian style the two comrades spend as much time and effort teasing and abusing each other as they do probing the baffling crime.
Meanwhile Carmody's colleagues in Sydney stumble across a link between one of his suspects and the subject of a high powered, Interpol led, task force. Reluctantly, the two forces combine, after Interpol reveal their target could trigger World War 3.
A fortune in diamonds is missing from an African country. A sheep station owner may be the surprising culprit.
When the violent climax is reached, several persons are exposed as something other than their appearance.
Even the late Constable Cook is has a secret to reveal.