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Keep the Table Laughing

Meredith Flynn & Susan Whelan

Keep the Table Laughing
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"The heart of the dinner party is not the dinner, but the party."
There are times when preparing a gourmet meal is not as important as holding on to the few remaining threads of your sanity. You need a range of tasty recipes that are easy to prepare for both family meals and entertaining. Keep the Table Laughing is written for the cook who likes to read and the reader who likes to cook — a collection of anecdotes, quotes and humorous stories centred on food and cooking, interspersed with the authors’ favourite recipes.
You’ll find snazzy side dishes, scrumptious soups, cakes and slices like Grandma used to make, as well as a multitude of delicious meals the whole family can enjoy. All served up with a hearty slice of fun and a dollop of encouragement from these humble home cooks who realise that while we can’t all be cordon bleu chefs, we can still have a good time in the kitchen.
"This is what good cooking is about. Forget pretentious, overworked, over garnished rubbish. Instead, think fresh, clean and above all fun. And that is what this book is about – having fun in the kitchen. Not at any time taking ourselves or our food too seriously, yet still keeping in mind that even the simplest dish can taste good with a minimum of effort as long as you follow a few basic rules – all of which are explained succinctly and humorously in this terrific book."
Iain Hewitson