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Labyrinth in the Snow

by Lindsay B. Rochcouste

Labyrinth in the Snow
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Two human babies from the village of Cluney are abducted by the female Wizard Mirabel. Whilst the shocked village community struggles to react and to find a plausible motive for this act, Eric and Lucas, the two brothers of one of the abducted babies, set out on a rescue mission. They enlist the help of the mysterious native girl Lilla to guide them through the labyrinth in the snow. The journey is nothing like what they could have anticipated. Labyrinth in the snow' is much more than a gripping yarn in the fantasy genre. It is also an investigation on the nature of reality as perceived by the world of science and eastern philosophy. It is an exploration of the nature of life and death, love and friendship and an examination of human History and its impact on the planet. The story is driven by a suspenseful set of events and is acted out by an array of interesting and colourful characters.





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