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Lalor's Lore

Kerry S. Hill

Lalor's Lore
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If you want a read that is funny, fast, informative, and not quite politically correct, then follow the 1960s and 70s law-enforcement career of Nicholas John Lalor from the wilds of Tasmania, where he deals with Noops and Phantom Flushers, to the Big Smoke where, on joining the Narcotics Bureau, he runs into the major drug trafficker and arch nemesis, John 'Long Dong' Silver, who is protected by the usual mix of corrupt lawyers, judges and politicians.
Trained by the tough Sergeant Jack and the even tougher Masher Moody, but ably assisted by Confidential Informant 117, Mad Dog Morgan, the Sandman and Tessie Truelove, Lalor learns his lessons the hard way, and comes to understand that multiculturalism has another side the do-gooders and those in power do not want to know about.
Along the way, Lalor picks up the Narcotics Bureau mascot, Clarence the Crocodile; a classy lady of the night, Stormy Summers; Crankcase the Bikie; the heroin dealer, Tatti; and finds himself pulled on like a sock by the clever Sydney coppers before dealing with Mustapha, the crazy American Muslim Crotch-Dog.
Often in trouble, but always taking a very practical view of the law, Lalor falls in with the highly obnoxious Filipino policeman Captain Terrific before finally triumphing over 'Long Dong' Silver. Or does he?




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