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Last Train Home

Dennis O'Bryan

Last Train Home
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What happened to young mum-to-be Krystal Fraser on 20 June 2009 after she checked herself out of hospital to go to a party rather than await the birth of her first child?
More than thirteen years later the question remains unanswered.
No-one has reported seeing the young woman since.
Local police did not consider Krystal to be a victim of foul play. They wrongly believed she was the architect of her own disappearance. The trail went cold before the homicide
squad was called in and a missing person case became a murder enquiry.
Their only clues were two untraced calls from a local phone
box on the day Krystal vanished.
Her body has never been found and the mystery remains:
a maze of accusations, denials, rumours and police shortcomings that continues to divide the small Australian
rural community that was her home.
In its wake came distressed families, broken relationships
and suicides.
Suspects were named and interviewed but none were charged.
Was Krystal killed by an unwilling father of her unborn child? Were disputes between drug runners the cause? Was it the result of a fall-out with one of several sexual partners?
In Last Train Home former police investigator Dennis O'Bryan delves deep into the events and people involved to reveal his discovery of new and compelling evidence.