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Letters of Love, Light and Laughter

Gena Alston

Letters of Love, Light and Laughter
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To receive channelling in the form of messages, it is very beneficial to be ‘completely out of your mind’! A head empty of doubt and worry will hear the golden words of truth.In Letters of Love, Light and Laughter, Gena Alston brings to you her experience of receiving and believing. Channelling started many years ago for Gena, firstly in meditation groups – having visualisations that brought some insight or other. Psychic development classes were the natural follow-on, and these allowed the fear of the unknown to dissipate and bring greater knowledge through.
This knowledge began as simple messages and then took the form of profoundly simplistic ways of looking into and changing how each individual, if they desire, can change their life. It is a responsibility to accept the words of wisdom; it becomes a duty to share, and an honour to continue with.
Eventually, with the ‘emptying of the mind’ (in the sense of choosing to be open to a greater force rather than being restricted by fear), Gena received many words of wisdom which naturally enabled great change to take place within her own personality and beliefs. With the advent of change, came greater acceptance of the Light, which governs all. This book is a record of her recent development, —a journey of love, light and laughter.