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Letting Go: How to Survive Life and Keep a Smile on Your Face

Marty Doyle

Letting Go: How to Survive Life and Keep a Smile on Your Face
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Letting Go is Marty Doyle's story.
The world today is demanding ' of our time, our attention and our resources. Keeping up with multiple demands can be physically exhausting, even debilitating. It can make you sick ' very sick.
Your life can change in one unforgettable moment. One moment you?re on top of your game and seconds later everything you thought you knew comes crashing down around you. From that moment on your story has completely changed.
It began with a mild swelling in his neck, followed by four months of not knowing what was causing the swelling or what it meant. Doctors were finally able to tell Marty it was cancer ' but they didn't know where the cancer was located.
Marty's thoughts were confused. Could this really be happening? What could he do? What could he say? How could he manage the fear, anger, frustration and helplessness he felt? How could he make decisions about the treatments that could almost kill him, just to make him better?
With dignity, clarity, breathtaking vulnerability and honesty, Marty relates how he dealt with the rollercoaster ride that is cancer, the physical effects of the treatment, and, more importantly, how he let this 'metaphysical cosmic 4x2? change his life forever. For Marty, his illness was a gift. It awakened in him the courage to live life, and the opportunity to learn his greatest lesson: let go and know that everything is going to be okay.
Marty's story is an inspiration to all those who share his very personal journey.


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