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Lick Your Problems Not Your Wounds

Tom Henderson

Lick Your Problems Not Your Wounds
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"We often feel overwhelmed by tragedy, both on a global scale and from our own personal hardships. However, by surrendering to defeatism and negativity we do nothing towards building a better world. Worse still, at a personal level we fall into the trap of ignoring the limitless potentialities hidden deep inside us." The moment we release and express those potentialities, we can turn our backs on our old lives and enter a brilliant new world of hope and opportunity.
In Lick Your Problems, Tom Henderson - teacher, lawyer, counsellor, barrister-at-law and former MP for the state of Queensland - proposes that building a better future for ourselves and our loved ones can only truly begin after a journey of self-discovery. The reward for elevating passion, empathy and self-awareness over blame, conceit and neglect will be the achievement of self-actualisation: the point at which an individual becomes all they can and should be in their lifetime.
We contribute towards a better society through bettering ourselves. After all, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. However, betterment doesn't just happen. We must make it happen.
To foster and achieve continuous self-improvement must surely rate among the most important of life's many challenges. That will only happen when we learn how to lick our problems instead of our wounds.