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Life with a Psychopath

Francesca Di Pietro

Life with a Psychopath
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Carmella is an intelligent and confident woman. She's overcome bullying and racism in her childhood and built a successful life for herself as an Event Coordinator for a private company called Student Glamour.
When Carmella meets the charming Shaun, she thinks she's hit the jackpot. Recovering from a rocky first date, the relationship develops into a promising connection, but then degenerates, in stages, into a manipulative and abusive disaster.
The previously strong Carmella finds herself adhering to insane rules set by Shaun. They include a ban on drinking without his company, being forced to avert her eyes at nudity on television and demands to close her Facebook account when Shaun makes a death threat to one of Carmella's male friends.
Just as Carmella thinks her life has hit rock bottom, she obtains the assistance of gifted psychologist, Ameera Hassan who offers her a fresh perspective. Ameera is the sympathetic ear which Carmella has been seeking.
Is this crucial support enough for Carmella to find the strength to leave Shaun or will she be stuck in this terrifying nightmare forever?