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Lions and Lilies Book 2: The Order of the Lily

Catherine A Wilson

Catherine T. Wilson

Lions and Lilies Book 2: The Order of the Lily
Previously Published Book
Historical Fiction

When valour and duty stand above a heart's desire ...
Separated as infants and rediscovered by chance, sisters, Catherine Pembroke and Cécile d'Armagnac solve the mystery which forced them apart (The Lily and the Lion) only to find their reunion all too brief when the Prince of Wales seeks to reclaim his mistress. With an unbreakable bond forged between the girls, Catherine chooses a perilous path to shield her sister. But has the faith in her protector, Simon Marshall, been misplaced? Who is the mysterious Lady of Scotland and why is Simon so determined to locate her? Caught in a web of conspiracy, Catherine must unravel the secret Simon has worked so hard to conceal.
Exiled to Kent, Gillet de Bellegarde takes up residence at his family's home, offering Cécile d'Armagnac the respite she desperately needs. But rest does not come easy in England and honour and trust becomes a double-edged sword. Cécile and Gillet's relationship is severely tested by a Welsh vixen, Cécile's burgeoning pregnancy and both families' determination to separate the lovers. Knowing his last hope lies in the restoration of his name, Gillet resumes his quest to be granted an audience with the French King but in his absence, Cécile is uprooted from her safe haven and confronted with a devastating choice.
Enraged by failed attempts to capture either girl, William of Salisbury seeks the support of a new benefactress, one who only has eyes for the Crown. Their powerful alliance proves a dangerous combination as they plot to destroy anyone who stands in their way.
The Order of the Lily will draw you back into the fourteenth century lives of Gillet and Cécile, Catherine and Simon as they strive to reconcile their pasts and accept a future none of them could have possibly foreseen.