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Lions and Lilies Book 3: The Gilded Crown

by Catherine A Wilson and Catherine T. Wilson

Lions and Lilies Book 3: The Gilded Crown
Previously Published Book
Historical Fiction

Simon and Catherine Marshall travel to Edinburgh, determined to see the safe return of The Lady of Scotland, but they inadvertently uncover a royal deception.
Floundering under the pressure of court life, Catherine is offered the guidance of Lady Agnes Dunbar, but what secret is the old lady hiding and why has she taken such an avid interest in the daily life of Lord and Lady Wexford? Trapped within the walls of Edinburgh Castle, Simon must choose where his loyalties lie, the consequence of which will decide the safety of his growing family.
In France, Gillet de Bellegarde is instructed by the Duc de Berri to ingratiate the new English court in Bordeaux ' his mission to seduce the Albrets back to the French throne, but when information comes to hand of a secret delivery to Prince Edward's castle, CÚcile is sent as an agent for the Vicomtesse de Gisors, to deliver a vital message to her husband. Her journey takes a turn for the worst when another deadly enemy raises its head ' La Peste, otherwise known as the Black Plague.
Catherine Pembroke and CÚcile d'Armagnac solved the mystery that separated them in childhood (The Lily and the Lion) only to be forced apart as they each faced challenges that would decide their future happiness (The Order of the Lily).
The Gilded Crown draws you back into the 14th century lives of Gillet and CÚcile, Catherine and Simon as, between them all, they strive to right an injustice and uncover a document that could end the reign of one king and send another to war.




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