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Living, Grieving, and Finding Acceptance

Dr Merrylyn Asquith

Living, Grieving, and Finding Acceptance
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This book has two intertwining subjects. The first is an articulation of how Merrylyn experienced, eleven years apart, the traumatic loss of her boys to death. First her only son, and later, his only son. She briefly describes her earlier life and speaks of her subsequent second marriage.

The primary and most important theme and purpose of the book is to encourage and point out to you, the reader, the principles she has developed and practiced in order to grow her own grief lessons and painstakingly transform her mindset from grief to acceptance and to life happiness. The book will guide a reader who has experienced trauma or one who has an interest in growing their own happiness and letting go of stress and pain.

Each chapter will point the way of how you can indeed ?let go and reframe'; alter unhelpful thinking patterns, and follow the given strategies to achieve purposeful and considered decision-making in order to make best choices for self and others. In those ways you too can develop into becoming the authentic, capable, and happy worthwhile person you choose to be and you can further develop your aim to nestle into a contented and happy life worth living. This book will be invaluable to all who seek assistance in overcoming and eliminating all the barriers people have struggled against in a search for grief lessons, life happiness and contentment.