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Lockie Meets Wiroo

by Robyn Robins

Lockie Meets Wiroo
Previously Published Book

Lockie was recovering from the steep climb to the forbidden cave when he fell into the crevice of the rock. Far below, his dad and brother, Bray, were building a campfire. The green tent, their home for the weekend, flapped in the gentle breeze.
A large lizard disappeared into the shadowy entrance of the cave. Lockie followed. Slivers of sun lit the red earthen floor and highlighted strange art on the cold stone walls. He gently touched the dots of ancient colour and jumped when the eerie quiet became a loud rumble. The rock wall slid open to reveal a tunnel, a blazing torch and a dark-skinned boy. He heard the whispered words, “Don't be afraid. My name is Wiroo. I've been waiting for you. Follow me.”





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