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Love In The Family Court

Jeanine D Lloyd

Love In The Family Court
Current Release
British & Australian Fiction

Having failed at his previous attempt to extract revenge against those implicated in his loss in the Family Court, a brilliant psychopath plots the destruction of his enemies. He starts his gruesome work with the mutilation murder and rape of a court appointed expert, but this outrage merely fuels his blood lust.
His prime targets are the newly appointed Chief Justice, Claire Hope and the barrister Nic Yanopoulous and his family. They will have to suffer a great deal to balance the books.
The killer glowers and hisses with pure malevolence, abounding with schadenfreude and dripping with self-delusion. Is the hostile and adversarial legal system to blame for his insanity? Can Claire's lover Superintendent Lachlan Lanzini resist his manic desire to plunge into the dungeons of anarchy, lawlessness and madness which have already ensnared the mind of the rampaging anti hero?
Love in the Family Court continues the themes introduced in And So To Court: exploring human nature in its many manifestations and peering into dark and turbulent places. As one of the characters says 'demons and angels have equal claim upon redemption'.
This psychological thriller will keep the reader engrossed right up to the shocking conclusion as each of the characters is forced to confront their weaknesses and call on inner resources to survive the extreme ordeals that conspire to destroy not only themselves but everything they hold of value.