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Managers Behaving Badly

Harro Drexler

Managers Behaving Badly
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This book demonstrates: -that workplace stress does exist.
-the main cause of workplace stress.
-the reasons for the cause of workplace stress.
-the propensity for workplace stress in an organization can be identified and measured.
-that workplace stress as we know it does not need to exist.
-there is help at hand to eliminate the cause of workplace stress.
-that treating the symptoms of workplace stress is only a temporary solution. If not eliminated it will remain a constant and growing problem.
-that eliminating the cause of workplace stress is a permanent solution resulting in happier employees and a better performing organization.
-there is scope for educational institutions to research the link between workplace stress and organizational performance. To research how to measure the propensity of an organization to promote stress in its workforce. To develop curricula to address the causes of stress.