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Martyrdom of an Art Dealer and other quirky stories

by Stephen Tandori

Martyrdom of an Art Dealer and other quirky stories
Galley Release
Australian Fiction
Short Story

This collection of short stories resonates with the knowledge of life. The metaphor of art is a good one to apply here, for these are stories experienced and built on visions of both the large Turner-esque seas and the small still ponds beloved and immortalised by Monet.
The fact is that like all art, the author is actually telling us the truth - through their own lens perhaps, but it is a form of reality. The core of each story is true but what a delightful artifice and generous framing of sly asides and what a parade, a frieze of madcap caricatures! These are stories drawn from a life lived in Europe and settled in Australia. They are told in a strong voice accented by a fuller and more evolved understanding of the possibilities of language.
Staying with the metaphor of the art world, the subject matter carries readers through rooms and spaces like a gallery; where life lessons and tales are whispered and unfolded. The narrator's experience forged in the crucible of a long life of travel, of being an outsider and of that almost dinosaur characteristic ' that fashionable in purchase but often foreign in undertaking, grail like pursuit of knowledge; the pastime of reading stories in books.





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