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Massacre at Myall Creek

Laurie Barber

Massacre at Myall Creek
Best Seller
Australian History

The Massacre at Myall Creek represents a tragic page in Australia's history. The massacre was described by the Chief Justice, Sir James Dowling, as 'one of the most important cases which has ever come under our notice since there has been a Supreme Court in New South Wales'.
This is an updated reprint of a limited edition book published in 1993, telling the story of the killing of about 28 people camping peacefully at Myall Creek Station in 1838.
A party of horsemen rode up, tied the victims, took them over the hill and proceeded to kill them.
As a result of investigations under difficult conditions, and two trials, seven men were hanged a week before Christmas Day, 1838.
Their trials and conviction caused an outcry in the colony. Until that time, some people saw the killing of Aborigines as no more an offence than the shooting of kangaroos.
This is their story, largely as it was recorded at the time.