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Memoirs of a Jersey Girl

Elizabeth Kempster

Memoirs of a Jersey Girl
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From growing up in the Channel Islands post World War II, to running sheep and cattle stations in Australia, Memoirs of a Jersey Girl is the story of a life filled with adventure, achievement, and at times, tragedy.
A near-death accident driving a speeding Porsche in Portugal is the catalyst for Elizabeth's marriage to Ian, which would be the beginning of their journey in a very foreign land. As a young 'Ten Pound Pom' dealing with the hardships of the Australian outback, including drought, isolation and deadly snakes, Elizabeth builds the mental strength and character required to deal with the adversity that ultimately unfolds.
Elizabeth's life transforms to that of a single mother raising four boys, flying solo around the Western Australian outback as a journalist, before relocating her family half way across the country. She is forced to deal with disaster and bankruptcy before eventual successful establishment in Queensland.
This is the engaging story of an incredibly strong woman, whose life is an inspiration to her family and friends.



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