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Merino Murder

by R. Casey

Merino Murder
Previously Published Book

In an outback area of Australia, Merino rams are dying, suddenly, violently and unaccountably, and a nearby agricultural research station is called upon to study the problem. The investigation is barely underway before a technician is found dead in a distant paddock. While the young scientist who was with him is a suspect, she has unaccountably lost her memory. The scientists scramble for research funds and battle it out with rival theories to account for the mysterious ram deaths, while a bunch of activists are planning to blow up the laboratories. Of course there is a bit of hanky panky going on. When a research worker hits upon the cause of the problem, he unknowingly puts his life at risk. But it is not only rams that become murderous.
R. Casey admits to having had the odd novel published, as well as a number of (largely unreadable) scientific papers.




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