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Craig Mulhall

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Living in a new world ?
with shadows from the past.
Mustapha never imagined that ruling as the King of Rhye would be easy. Building a world from nothing, uniting a wildly diverse populace, and doing it all while looking fabulous proved challenging enough ? but perhaps dubbing his reign ?The Age of Harmony' was a teensy bit too ambitious.
Ten years later, ?harmony' is elusive. Harold, Meadow and Dique have moved on to new pursuits. Mustapha still grieves the loss of his father, having known him for fleeting but precious moments. Discontent becomes disarray: On the eve of a grandiose Ball, mysterious visitors arrive from a place that should not exist. They bring a foreboding gift and warn of an ancient peril, somehow far older than the land in which it lies buried.
New adventure beckons ? it's time to get the band back together.
Mustapha's new quest takes him across uncharted frontiers. A sea of discovery, disillusionment and death awaits. Can he save the land that he created before all is lost, forever?
The saga of The King of Rhye continues, with Metropolis - a tale that is not merely explosive; it's guaranteed to blow your mind.