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Michaela Rootes

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Michaela Rootes
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Michaela Rootes is twenty-nine and still looking for her calling. So far she has bumped around from job to job, happily searching for the meaning of life. Micky’s life used to be rubbish, but not any more. She has overcome her tumultuous upbringing, a very unfortunate surname and her supreme unpopularity at school to create an unremarkable but comfortable existence. Just what she always wanted. The only thing she needs to feel complete in her life is to get Steve to propose to her.
Finally it happens. Just as she is about to call it quits, she finds it! A ring, in his undies drawer, only the ring isn’t for Micky and she has already secretly picked out her bridesmaids’ dresses. Her best friend Josie, very insensitive about the phantom proposal, whinges about Micky making her wear blue. Josie really doesn’t do blue because she’s an autumn.
Her friends Josie and Anastasia are like sisters to her. Well, closer, considering she has a sister she hasn’t spoken to in over fifteen years.
Together the friends ponder the great mysteries of life. Why was Countdown ever taken off air? Why is it that women seem to lose at least one million brain cells with each child they bear? And why haven’t you once heard of a biscuit designer? (They must exist!)
The girls can’t understand mothers and have no desire to go down that track, even though every time they turn on the TV or open a magazine, the headlines scream, ‘Don’t leave it too late!’ Unexpectedly, Micky becomes one. God forbid she starts driving like one.
On the surface they are all very happy with their lot in life, only there are secrets. Secrets that are going to change everything. Josie is in love with Micky’s boyfriend, but Micky also has a secret. When she saw the cover, she almost bought The Woman’s Weekly.
And Anastasia? Well, Anastasia’s secret is unspeakable.