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Mission of Jesus of the Nazarene and The Mystical Odyssey

by Una O'Shea

Mission of Jesus of the Nazarene and The Mystical Odyssey
Galley Release

The Mission of Jesus The Nazarene.
This writing was given after many mystical experiences and an alchemy course where universal mind was reached, giving the ability to communicate with universal masters. The messages were given over several days.
The visitor to come to me the following day was my grandson; I had been given a message about him when I was a baby by Mary the mother of Jesus, that he was a child of destiny and would come into my care. He is now adult and not yet on his destiny path.
Lord Perseus is a very powerful Lord of Orion and had given his energies for gem elixirs. Lord Fredos is my guide who gave his energy for alchemy and directions on a journey. Samuel was the High Priest who received Jesus on his presentation to the temple in Jerusalem. Melchizedek was a very holy priest in the time of King David. He has a mystical order and many at the right level of development are gathered in.
The energies of the constellations are influencing the earth to a greater degree especially Andromeda. The revelation of each speaker is to enlighten the reader as to unknown events of that time.
The Mystical Odyssey.
As the name implies, this is a careful and very personal documentation of my travels and more importantly, part of my ongoing spiritual journey, which traversed time and convention on so many levels.





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