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Mt Kilimanjaro & Me

Annette Freeman

Mt Kilimanjaro & Me
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Ever wondered if you could climb a mountain? Maybe one of the Seven Summits? What if you are a middle-aged, unfit, inexperienced business woman with a sedentary job?

This is the story of one such woman who decided to leave her office job in Sydney and go climb Mt Kilimanjaro in Africa. She tells the tale with wry humour, undaunted ? well, only a little daunted ? by the difficulties of spending nine days and eight nights on the slopes of the mountain, dealing with no running water, hours of uphill slog, high altitude ? and what do you do about the toilet thing, anyway?

The African mountain is a very dangerous place and several people die up there each year. But this is the story of how and why anyone in their right mind would try to touch the snows of Kilimanjaro.