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Robert Lorensene

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Natural History

This informative book contains material on Acacia Aneura (Mulga), its habitats and natural history, use by indigenous people and settlers, commercial uses and its beauty as a collectible timber.

In 1957, Robert (bob) Lorensene, had left school and started an apprenticeship as a boiler-maker/welder at Footscray Tech. On completion, he worked briefly for International Harvester, and the local Springvale company who made bread ovens. Then through a friend he got offered a job as a carpenter. He did this for a number of years, changed course and built two shops joined together. Thus commenced Robel Framing (picture framing) and Mulgrave art gallery.
Towards the end of this he did a course of wood turning at Waverly wood workers, of which he was a member, a member of IWCS (International Wood Collectors Society) Mount Waverley combined probus, and the Collectors Division where he showed products. He also belonged to the Australian society for growing native plants, and an off shoot " Acacia study group".
He started to collect Mulga that he purchased from Glen Waverly Antique Centre, Bendigo, private collections, Newcastle NSW, Hunted Antiques and Collectables Kilsyth, and the Tyabb Packing House Antiques among others. He loves native plants and has 9 acacias and (wattles) in his garden.