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My Bobbee

Jannette Lawler

My Bobbee
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Gloria hates her life. Her mother doesn't want her, her teachers don't want her and she is always being picked on by bullies. Her clothes are ragged and mis-matched. She decides to run away after not being invited to the class party. Tripping over a tree root, she has a baby galah fall on her. She can't put it back in the nest so she takes it home. She is needed. She has a purpose. Her mother wants to kill it.
Gloria takes it to a friend's house to ask her brother how to look after it. With much negative advice, she looks after it. She asks her local doctor to help and have Bobbee declared a care bird so she can take Bobbee to school. A social worker becomes involved and the school reluctantly says Bobbee can attend
The teachers resent it. The bullying gets worse.
As Bobbee starts to talk, sing and dance, his fame spreads. A TV station uses Bobbee for commercials.
Gloria's life became that of a happy child, all thanks to Bobbee. Bobbee's life was saved, thanks to Gloria. This is a story of life improvement of Gloria and Bobbee. It is a story about being needed and loved.