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My Father, My Friend

Roy Douglas

My Father, My Friend
Previously Published Book

To the locals, Harry is an unknown entity who simply drives into town from somewhere and buys a derelict trucking business when prices are low and times are hard.
Margaret Wilkinson is a young teenager on a marginal sheep station whose virginity is offered to Harry in settlement of a debt; however, Harry has a strange life behind him and teaches Margaret certain erotic skills and commonsense principles to use throughout her life. She is a receptive student and makes use of that information to attract a husband and support him through a successful life in the field of insurance.
Janice Lane is a wild one who develops maternalistic feelings for her father as she helps him escape the clutches of drunkenness. She confuses the excitement she experiences when secretly watching a young man undressing in the unit across from hers with the effect of her father laying beside her in bed. Meanwhile, he believes that she is fast asleep and unaware of his presence.
How do the lives of these people become intertwined and what are the consequences of their actions? A story of unlawfulness, love and loyalty in the face of hardship, punishment and despair answers these questions.