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New Earth

by Kerry Anderson

New Earth
Featured Release
Sci Fi

As part of the Elite, Steele Dyason goes undercover as a favour to his father on the planet Fervra. The job should be quick and easy but when things don't go to plan he has to rely on the help of a Dredge; a Dredge who has a gift that are only found in the Elite. Putting his trust and forming a friendship with this man goes against all that Steele has been brought up to believe in.
That Elite and Dredges do not mix.Ditch Dean, as a Dredge, is part of the lowest of the caste system and is working off a debt. Conditions at the mill are harsh and get worse when some of the Elite guards turn their attention towards him. When under pressure he has to make a quick decision, a decision that could put his life in danger. Has he sided with the right side?
Together Steele and Ditch must rely on each other to survive until one has to sacrifice his own safety to help the other. In a mad dash through the inhospitable elements Steele has to find a way to help Ditch and bring down the man behind all the trouble at the mill.





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