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North Queensland Fishing Eldorado

Ralph De Lacey

North Queensland Fishing Eldorado
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The North Queensland Fishing Eldorado began when a dramatic change came over the commercial fishing industry in North Queensland during the late 1960's. In one decade the industry went from a basic lifestyle existence to a rip-roaring boom industry in which money flowed like water.
This story starts about the time of this change and follows the life of a young fisherman as he follows the fish and prawns in this developing fishery. Commencing in Bowen in 1968 Ralph De Lacey started fishing from a 14ft open boat. With no initial capital he slowly built up from nothing to become a top Gulf of Carpenteria Barramundi fisherman.
The story is about his life during the years between 1968 and 1990 and also about the evolution of the fishery in North Queensland during this period.
The story is told in the frank honest style of a North Queensland working fisherman with many interesting and often humorous true stories.