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Olive, Julie and the Ice Cream Man

by Faye Rosewarn

Olive, Julie and the Ice Cream Man
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Olive , the main character in this book is raised with in the bounds of a perfectionist family, where all things need to be of high standards and correct.At early age she develops extreme low self esteem , becoming a people pleaser. This leads in to abuse, domestic violence of a verbal nature, and disempowerment. Her extended marriage consists of alcoholism verbal condemnation and manipulation. After a forty year marriage she manages to develop courage enough to leave to recover her true identity Her journey is one that is sad yet empowering and a stark reminder of what often exists in society. The stories following Olive are interviews with people working in the area of drug and alcohol addiction, others are of those that are addicted, and a varied collection of situations pertaining to disempowerment in association with the use of drugs and alcohol.




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