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One Man's Journey

Guy Sigley

One Man's Journey
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Running from the agony of betrayal, John McDouall Stuart sails across the globe to search for solace in the arms of a foreign, undiscovered land. But he will find no peace there, for as he tries to cross the vast Australian interior, Stuart is pitted against a brutal and merciless adversary that will push him to the very brink of his existence rather than yield to his challenge.
In mid-nineteenth century Australia, the cross-continent race hits fever pitch and leading the South Australian charge is a tiny Scotsman willing to sacrifice everything he has to achieve his goal. But in the fight for colonial ascendency, friendship, courage, love and betrayal will determine who wins the race to the northern coast.
Based on actual events, One Man's Journey brings to life a forgotten era in Australia's history and a forgotten man whose journey was pivotal in laying the foundation stones of a nation.