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One Thing Leads to Another

David W. Roberts

One Thing Leads to Another
Previously Published Book

It's 1970s Adelaide, an elderly transport magnate, living in a retirement village with his much younger attractive wife, dies suddenly from a heart attack. The family is furious, when they discover he has left his fortune entirely to the young wife, whom the family regard as nothing more than a high class call girl.
Three years later, a surprising death-bed confession, results in Chief Inspector Johansson and his offsider, Senior Constable, Tania Markovina, being appointed to try and untangle a string of crimes committed over a period of twenty years, all of which, in some way, involved the deceased magnate.
Uncovering the nature of the crimes is difficult, but identifying who the perpetrators actually are, is an even greater challenge. There are a number of likely suspects. Unraveling the whole story involves dogged police work in Adelaide, Sydney, the central west of New South Wales and even beautiful Samoa.
Eventually, the elusive criminals are identified. They are clever and dangerous and hunting them down proves a risky business. What will be the final outcome?