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One Woman's Empty Nest

by Kate Seaton

One Woman's Empty Nest
New Release

What do you do when life throws you into a new phase, and you aren't quite ready to change? We gather our friends close, and plan an attack. For Kirra, the Empty Nest inspires a transformation, as her son has left and her daughter is about to leave. This is her chance to reinvent herself. Changing career, choosing a new home and a romantic escapade or two are all analysed. Spacemen need only apply here …
Kirra dissects her life, evaluates her existence and then chooses the best way to approach her future. She has a distinct advantage over her relentless insecurities, in possessing an undisputed inner strength. All she wants is a smooth transition into a child-free household. Her only defence is through humour; otherwise she may never dance to her own rhythm …





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