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by George F. Trembath

Galley Release

pacha (pächə), n. the earth or the world - cuti (kůtē), vb. to put right or to make good.
pachacuti (pächəkůtē), n. 1 to restore overall balance. 2 to put everything right. 3 Bolivia. sl. 'out with the old and in with the new'. 4 Arch. To salvage an empire from the ruins of a village.
All ecosystems trend toward balance, approaching it in wave cycles of diminishing overcorrection. In our own ecosystem, civilisation today stands on the crest of the first wave looking down upon the trough of the next. The tales of pachacuti explore how we got here, presage the bumps on the slippery slope ahead and propose a new society for the next ascendant cycle - a proposal for incoming generations seeking to learn from the errors of the outgoing.
Along the way, the tales seek to dispel such enduring popular myths as:
Human civilisation is designed and controlled by humans;
Humans are above and have dominion over the rest of nature;
Intelligence plus education equals wisdom;
Prosperity equals security;
and God will provide.





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