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Pic n' Mix Travel

S. P. Kwan

Pic n' Mix Travel
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‘Backpacking is not my style. I’m not a traveller who is on a shoestring budget, but I appreciate clean sheets and my own shower, so Pic N’ Mix is ideal. With the professional background and travelling experience that S.P. has, she has produced a book that gives true costing, facts and is to the point. The book is a must for those mature holidaymakers seeking intelligent advice on how to travel affordably.’
N Birchfield from South Africa
Most consumers will find out more about a product or service before they buy it. If you pay thousands of dollars on an overseas vacation, would you rely on just a few travel brochures?
Would you want a preview or know your options?
If you are a retiree, you have the freedom to go whenever and wherever you like. Don’t confine your choice to a commercial tour. If you travel independently, you can lengthen your trip for the same amount of money you would have paid for a commercial tour; it would be more rewarding too.