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Pissed Off

Michael Thornton

Pissed Off
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Australia has five million baby boomers. Seventy-one-year-old Michael Thornton is one of them. He is so pissed off about the state of things, he's listed 3,300 gripes.
Among them:

  • otherwise bright folk, from the PM down, who say 'amount' of people instead of 'number'
  • Australia's richest person is said to earn $33,000 per minute
  • being beaten at Scrabble by his Filipina mother-in-law. English being her second language
  • leaf blowers
  • lowlife who put needles in fruit to try and kill us
  • greed
  • when the pathology nurse says, with a deep sigh, 'Let's try your other arm!'
  • Michelangelo didn't endow David a little more generously
  • the link between his dentist's fees to extract his teeth, and the dentist's kids' school fees
  • wanting to know if Dynamic Lifter works the same as Viagra
  • asking for a friend
  • the exorbitant cost of building Australia's major roads: $155 per inch per lane
  • wanting cave rescuers Drs Richard Harris and Craig Challen as joint Governors-General
  • will the in-studio panel on ABC TV Insiders ever drink the coffee?
  • half a large pizza is never enough
  • not knowing how to use most of the functions on his phone
  • five-year-olds, who get away with murder
  • after coronavirus, the millennials plan to do away with all remaining baby boomers